Winston the gorilla stars in new Overwatch animated short

In case you were curious about Winston, the genetically-engineered gorilla (and brilliant scientist!) who stars in upcoming shooter Overwatch, Blizzard has crafted this quick animated video to explain his backstory – and look a little at his future.

The video – titled Recall – is described as the “first animated short”, with the publisher also referring to events that happen “in this episode”. We don’t know if that means future Overwatch videos will also focus on Winston, or if they’ll look at the other 20 heroes that feature in the game. (We’d be happy with either one, to be honest – who doesn’t love a super-smart gorilla?)

If you’d like to get your hands on Winston – and the other characters – you need to get into the Overwatch open beta, which kicks off in early May (in Australia, those dates are May 4-5 for pre-order customers, and 6-10 for the rest of us). It’s your opportunity to get in on the “intense action, tactical depth and vibrant world of Overwatch” before the game launches on May 24 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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