First Diablo II, now Warcraft III is getting a fancy new patch next week

A few days ago Blizzard released the first patch since 2011 for Diablo II  and people took note. Rightly so it would seem, as it turns out Warcraft III is scoring a new patch too.


Hello there, good sir.

Hello there, good sir.


Patch 1.27 will go live March 15, and will be released simultaneously around the world.

Robert Bridenbecker, head of Blizzard’s classic games group, announced the patch via YouTube, aimed, seeming specifically, at Warcraft III’s community in China.



No details have been given about the content of the patch, though it’s more than likely geared towards making the aging game run better on modern systems, which was the crux of Diablo II’s latest update. What Bridenbecker does say of note is that it’s the “first stop” on this “journey”, which has got folk hoping for Blizzard to continue supporting its older titles, specifically the O.G StarCraft.

I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

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