Mirror’s Edge comes to life in Call of Duty 4 mod, complete with parkour!

I’m assuming you went straight to the video just below, if not, that’s cool, I’ll wait. So, how’s things? Those pre-roll ads right? Oh! It’s playing.



So, that was MP_DR_MIRRORS_EDGE, a map mod for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare that is clearly a tribute to Electronic Art’s 2008 cult favorite; complete with parkour!

The map is a labour of love from modder SuX Lolz, with the assistance from several others. The map was made to resemble the first level of Mirror’s Edge, complete with a day/night cycle and some secrets thrown in for good measure.

SuX Lolz put three months into constructing this mod, saying this will probably be his last mod for Modern Warfare. The mod is being released for free, with the full credits of those involved listed in the YouTube video.


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