Lovecraftian Whispers of the Old Gods confirmed as Hearthstone’s next expansion

There’s been whispers over the past few weeks pertaining to Hearthstone‘s next expansion, but now it is official and titled: Whispers of the Old Gods.


C'Thun getting his Cthulhu on!

C’Thun getting his Cthulhu on!


The confirmation of the eldritch expansion came during a special announcement that kicked off Hearthstone‘s Americas Winter Championship tournament.

The announcement came with a cinematic trailer and the news that the expansion will contain 134 new cards themed around the old gods, a collection of evil eldritch deities of Lovecraftian power from Warcraft lore; such as C’Thun, Yogg-Saron, Y’Shaarj, and N’Zoth .



Whispers of the Old Gods is scheduled for a late April or early May release, with card packs becoming available through the in-game Shop for either gold or real money at the same price as previous Hearthstone card packs.

As of March 14, players will be able to pre-purchase a 50-pack bundle of Whispers of the Old Gods card packs for $49.99 (USD) prior to the Expansion’s official release. As a bonus to players whom choose to do this, Blizzard will reward them with a random extra card from the new block.


Hearthstone 'Whispers of the Old Gods' expansion cards

Hearthstone ‘Whispers of the Old Gods’ expansion cards


Blizzard also announced that any player whom purchases a Whispers of the Old Gods card pack- during a promotional period not yet outlined- will also receive C’Thun and two Beckoner of Evil cards free.



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