Gears of War 4 protagonist is none other than JD Fenix

Gears of War 4 is the (unsurprising) cover star of this month’s Game Informer magazine, and there’s all sorts of exciting details contained therein. The one we like best? Our introduction to the new blond hero we’re about to spend a lot of time with: JD Fenix.

Fans of the series will obviously recognise that surname – and yes, there is a family connection. JD’s dad is none other than Marcus Fenix, the star of the earlier Gears of War games, and it looks like the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

There are also two other playable characters in the game – ex-COG soldier Delmont “Del” Walker (voiced by Battlefield Hardline’s Eugene Byrd), and survivalist Kait Diaz (World of Warcraft’s Laura Bailey). We don’t yet quite know how they all fit together, but the team at The Coalition is planning something big for this fourth title in the game, taking the franchise back to its “darker, horror-themed roots”.

It’s 25 years after the events of Gears of War 3, and the young JD (voiced by Liam McIntyre from Spartacus) has packed his bags and run away from home to join the COG army. Following a “classified incident”, he’s now gone AWOL, and that’s where the story begins.

McIntyre explains:

It’s kind of terrifying, because I get to be the lead in a new era of Gears, which is unbelievable, amazing, and exciting. I’m the legacy, because my dad is Marcus Fenix. JD’s a soldier and a bit of a freedom fighter, and in his heart he’s a bit of a renegade. He’s different from Marcus, but he’s still that heroic archetype.

We’ll find out more about that “incident” when the game launches later this year for Xbox One.

No word yet on whether a new Carmine will appear in the game.

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