Ace Attorney 6 hits Japanese 3DS’s June 9, web browser demo playable now

Capcom hosted a live stream earlier today revealing some more details about the upcoming Ace Attorney 6.


Even Phoenix Wright is surprised!

Even Phoenix Wright is surprised!


The newest trailer shows some of the main cast battling it out in the court room, including the return of Phoenix Wright’s understudy Apollo Justice and fan favorite Maya Fey.

In addition to the trailer, the live stream showed off a few pre-order bonuses, which include two extra episodes and some alternative costumes for Athena, Phoenix, and Apollo.



For those that can’t wait to get their hands on the courtroom telenovela early, there is a web browser version of the demo available to play here; it is in Japanese however, so have Google translate open!

Ace Attorney 6 is set to release for Nintendo 3DS on June 9, in Japan.

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