Spider-Man spinoff film starring Venom back on schedule at Sony

Sony Pictures is set to develop a film based on Spider-Man villain and 90s bad-boy heartthrob Venom, according to The Hollywood Reporter.





With the third reboot of Sony’s Spider-Man franchise underway and gaining interest, which is being co-developed by Marvel Studios, the company is looking at re-visiting previously shelved ideas pertaining to the character.

Dante Harper, who wrote a draft of Edge of Tomorrow, is set to helm the project as screenwriter. There is currently no director attached to the Venom film, but longtime Spider-Man producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach have signed on.

Sony originally planned a movie based on Venom to release several years ago, following the symbiote’s appearance in Spider-Man 3. Marvel Entertainment was set to produce the film and had Gary Ross named as the director.

Last year Sony placed several planned Spider-Man related projects on “hold”, including the third film in the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, as well as spinoffs based on the Sinister Six and Venom.

Sony’s latest incarnation of the web-head will be played by Tom Holland, and will be a high school-aged version of the character. Holland’s Spider-Man is set to make his cinematic debut in Captain America: Civil War, where the character will play a small but pivotal role in the film.

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