Capcom implements quick fix to punish Street Fighter V rage-quitters, working on permanent solution

Capcom has implemented a quick fix penalty system to punish rage-quitters in Street Fighter V; which has been rampant problem since the fighter’s launch on February 16.


Disconnect from that!

Disconnect from that!


As of the moment, Capcom is doing the leg work manually, identifying players with very high disconnect rates and very high win rates and docking points from their Street Fighter V ranking. Roughly 30 players have had League Points subtracted so far, Capcom said.

“Since last week, we’ve received a ton of videos … which we’ve been able to cross reference with our data and put together a clear picture as to which players are abusing the system,” a Capcom community manager wrote.

Most competitive online fighters have a system in place to track disconnections or count them as a loss for the player that disconnected, but Street Fighter V doesn’t; with a disconnected game not counting as a win or a loss for either participant. This allows some players to keep their win ratio artificially high by disconnecting when things get tough.


Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V


Capcom is looking at implementing a permanent solution to counter and reprimand players exploiting the system, with the current method only being a short-term fix.

“To be clear, we are only targeting the worst offenders in our system,” the community manager said. ‘So if you have had a few instances of being disconnected during a match, you have nothing to worry about.” To be considered a rage quitter by Capcom a player will need a disconnect rate of between 80 and 90 percent.

Capcom also has a “major news drop” coming next week pertaining to Street Fighter V‘s march update.

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