Activision will be a no-show at E3 2016

This year’s E3 is shaping up to be rather different to the show we’ve seen in previous years. Not only will EA not have a booth, but we’ve now learned that Activision won’t be hosting one either.

Instead, the publisher is plonking the next Call of Duty game onto the PlayStation booth and calling it a day.

Communications manager Scott Lowe explains:

In June, we’re going to be at E3 showcasing gameplay from Infinity Ward’s ambitious new game. We’re looking forward to sharing exciting new details about the next great Call of Duty game in partnership with our friends at PlayStation. We’re proud to be participating in this premier video game event, but won’t have an Activision booth on the show floor.

…no, you didn’t miss any announcements – the next Call of Duty game hasn’t been announced yet. We do know that it’s from Infinity Ward, and we suspect it’s probably Ghosts 2, but that’s about it.

Lowe made the announcement in a blog post singing the praises of the FPS series.

The millions of fans playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 have taken Call of Duty to new heights, with more people playing Call of Duty than ever before. In fact, the number of Call of Duty players was higher in January 2016 than any previous January we’ve recorded, continuing the trend of record-high numbers of players in November and December. From Combine and Skyjacked in multiplayer to the Der Eisendrache Zombies experience and more, players are diving in and seem to be really enjoying the game.

The message touches on eSports advances with the Call of Duty World League Challenge Division, and heralds a “major community event” before the end of the year, designed to give fans “special insight and access to the world of Call of Duty”.

We’ll just have to wait and see what that actually means – but Activision’s absence at the world’s largest gaming trade showfloor does squish our hopes that we might see more from that Destiny sequel promised for next year.

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