Is Battlefield 5 headed to World War I?

EA has already told us that Battlefield 5 is in the works, with the publisher promising a return to a more classic style. Has this online retailer spilled the beans on just how classic, with an apparent listing for the FPS, due out in October?

Someone at Swiss retailer World of Games is probably getting quite the slap on the wrist (either for revealing classified information or for leading everyone astray), with the company website updated to include a Battlefield 5 placeholder over the weekend.

An eagle-eyed fan spotted the listing, which describes the game as a “multiplayer tactical shooter“, set during World War I, which sounds quite promising. The website claims the game is headed to PC, PS4 and Xbox One (no mention of older platforms), and will be released on October 26 of this year.

Battlefield 5 as it appears on World of Games

Battlefield 5 as it appears on World of Games

EA, of course, has said nothing about this possible reveal. In a recent financial call, the publisher confirmed the game was in development, aiming for a Holiday 2016 release. October would fit into the early side of that timeframe, and it’s historically the sort of time that Battlefield games pop up, so it’s not as crazy as you might think.

Also not crazy is the setting. Blake Jorgensen, EA CFO, has said that BF5 will be “a return to a Battlefield military-style game”, following the misstep of Battlefield Hardline, and the significantly more modern combat of Battlefield 4. If the First World War part is accurate, that could mean an intriguing new setting – a fresh take on trench warfare?

On the other hand, it could all be a big fuss over nothing, getting our hopes up for a good, old-fashioned Battlefield game like we used to love… so try to keep your excitement under wraps until EA gives the official word.

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