Modder brings 100% more Bob Ross to XCOM 2, subsequently adds 100% more happiness

Is the task of saving the human race in XCOM 2 weighing heavy on your shoulders? Have you erected more memorials to fallen allies than you can deal with? Ready to give up?

Well, sounds like you need to change your outlook; maybe take a step back and soak in the serenity of some happy little clouds. No, I haven’t lost my mind through videogame PTSD, I’m referring to the Bob Ross Voice Pack, that brings the dulcet tones of the beloved public television painter to your squad.



Once Bob suits up, everything seems to get more positive. Missed a crucial shot? Bob chimes in “We don’t make mistakes, we have happy accidents.” Getting ready to make a suicide run? “Fantastic things will happen. You’ll enjoy it,” Ross assures. And easily my favorite: “Today the paint salesmen’s in town…”

To complete the illusion of security that only this symbol of everything right with humanity can offer, a custom Bob Ross character mod is available.

So, go forth and turn your enemy in happy little clouds of gib!

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