Fallout 4’s Creation Kit hitting PC in April, consoles get mods a month later

During the unveiling of Fallout 4 at E3 2015, the one thing that truly caught people off guard was that Bethesda Game Studios promised mod support for consoles.  Well, director Todd Howard told Game Informer that the functionality will arrive this spring on PCs; with consoles following a month later.


Fallout 4: Welcome to Diamond City

Fallout 4: Welcome to Diamond City


As anyone with a internet connection and a faint interest in Bethesda’s open world RPG can attest, mods already exist for the PC version. What Howard is referring to is the release of the Creation Kit, the free toolset based on the same utilities Bethesda used to make the game. The kit has a function for the sharing of mods; which is how console user will receive the mods on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


Howard said the company is planning to release the Creation Kit for PC in-between the first two expansions, which are coming in March and April.

The Xbox One will be the first of the consoles to score the kit after PC, receiving it a month later; with the PlayStation 4 coming up the rear, getting it a month after the Xbox.

Finally, console players can bask in the majesty of mods! And like that the fan-boy war ended…can someone please make that mod?

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