Dark Souls 3 discounted on PC if you own any of the previous titles

If you’re arms are getting tired practicing your praising gesture whilst you’re waiting for the third installment of FromSoft’s Dark Souls series, then have I got some news that’ll make you praise even harder!


Praising intensifies!

Praising intensifies!


For PC sunbros (or whatever inferior covenant floats your boat) that pre-purchase the game on Steam, the store will automatically apply a $5 discount if you have the original Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, or Scholar of the First Sin in your library. The discount also applies to the deluxe edition, which includes the season pass- that has been outlined to contain 2 DLCs.

Bandai Namco have now detailed pre-order bonuses for the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of Dark Souls 3. This follows the announcement that Xbox One users get the original Dark Souls backwards compatible for free when pre-ordering.


Is that all you've got!!

Is that all you’ve got!!


PlayStation players that pre-order will score a digital soundtrack. If you’re a US user, you’ll also get the Fire Fades dynamic theme along with the soundtrack. Alas, European users only get the dynamic theme if you buy the deluxe edition.

Dark Souls 3 releases April 12 on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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