Bethesda talks about DOOM’s King of the Hill mode and consumable upgrades

DOOM, the epitome of something classic with a light sprinkling of modernity, is bringing back a classic game mode and, well, doing what I just described.


Say hello to my boomstick!

Say hello to my boomstick!


Publisher Bethesda has revealed how the King of Hill mode will work in the DOOM multiplayer. Now called Warpath, the “hill” in question is a constantly moving capture point, that travels around the map along a clearly marked path. In a clear case of priority juggling, the wicked powerful demon rune power-up is moving along the same path but in the opposite direction.

“Players have to decide where they want to be: rushing toward the power-up to turn into a Marine-destroying Demon; clustered around the capture point to defend or steal control; or simply roaming around looking to pick off any errant foes,” Bethesda explained.


You're clearly happy to see me...

You’re clearly happy to see me…


Hack Modules are also a new inclusion to the franchise. These one-time consumables, that you earn through leveling up, offer you a timed minor buff. There’s a variety of different modules that offer varying buffs, with Bethesda quick to point out that these are in no way tied to micro-transactions.

Some of the buffs Bethesda have talked about include:

  • Supply Timer: displays respawn timers on pick-ups.
  • Retribution: shows the location and health of the last player who killed you.
  • Scout:  reveals locations of all enemies for a few seconds after spawning.
  • Power Seeker: shows the location of nearby power-ups.

DOOM is erupting onto Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One May 13.

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