For The Emperor! Warhammer 40K is getting a comic series

Table-top gaming dreadnought Warhammer 40K has rolled all 6s and landed a comic book series through publisher Titan Comics.


Guardsmen and Space Marines working together. It warms my space cockles.

Guardsmen and Space Marines working together. It warms my space cockles.


Announced at ComicPRO in Portland earlier today, Titan and Games Workshop have made a blood pact that will see the first in an ongoing series set in the dark 41st millennium of Warhammer 40K hit racks in September.

Titan has assured fans of the lore drenched world that the comics will draw on the “wealth of compelling characters, species, and searingly-memorable imagery to deliver accessible science-fiction action on an unmatched galactic canvas.”


Okay. I'm kinda down with the Black Templars...

Okay. I’m kinda down with the Black Templars…


Now, if you’re like myself and happen to be slightly impartial to the brand’s power-armor clad jocks and main mascots, the Space Marines, then good news! In the official press release, it seems Titan is going for an anthology-esque series; exploring all of the races and factions. Finally, my Guardsmen will get their day in the sun / fluro lightening of a medbay!

Whether it’s the iconic, power-armor-encased Space Marines holding the line against unspeakable forces of xenos; the frothing, Daemonic intensity of Chaos, corrupting all they touch; the squabbling, bodged-together Orks, riding roughshod over far-flung colonies; the exotic, long-lived Eldar wielding rare weaponry and rarer insight; the idealistic, mech-piloting forces of the Tau; the undying, endoskeletal hordes of the Necrons, or the starving forces of unnature, like the Tyranids, spitting death and destruction with every spurt of their chitinous cannons, the ‘Warhammer 40,000’ setting offers horrifying surprises and stunning sights at every turn – and the comics will explore them all!

Titan Comics also happen to releasing another comic near and dear to my heart next month: an anthology adaption of Dark Souls.

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