Not a joke: You can win $2,000 for going to SEXPO in cosplay

In the past, cosplayers have been ejected from events for showing too much skin. Somehow, we don’t think that’ll be a problem at an upcoming Australian show: SEXPO Australia has launched its own cosplay competition, and “sexy spice” is encouraged.

The type of thing you might see at SEXPO Cosplay

The type of thing you might see at SEXPO Cosplay

We know that there are people out there who enjoy and like dressing up in sexy outfits, or outfits of their favourite superheroes, villains, characters from adult movies, or just want an excuse to try on that sexy outfit in a safe, fun and comfortable environment.

I’m not going to get sleazy and puntastic about this (we’ll leave that to Angelo), because the event actually sounds like it’s pretty well set up. Most of the judging is actually done before the event, with contestants submitting a photo and application form via the SEXPO website. At the show itself, it’s a matter of four heats of 10 contestants each, avoiding the long, drawn-out cosplay parades we’ve seen elsewhere.

Each of the 40 contestants will be given a complimentary ticket to SEXPO, and a SEXPO showbag valued at AU$250. The winner of each of the four heats will be given AU$500 and invited back for the final, on May 15 at 4pm on the SEXPO main stage.

The overall winner will receive an expenses paid trip to the next Australian SEXPO event, including accommodation, transfers and AU$1,500 spending money. Plus, of course, you’ll be crowned the inaugural SEXPO Cosplay Sydney winner, and get to co-host the next SEXPO cosplay competition!

…so, wondering what to wear? This is your opportunity to wear your most revealing, most ridiculous costume. You’ll be judged on the creativity and sexiness of your outfit, as well as your creative interaction with the MC and the audience, so don’t hold back. If you’ve got a costume that would get you kicked out of PAX… here’s your chance!

Ideas include:

  • Your favourite adult star from your favourite movie (before they get undressed)
  • Create a sexy version of your favourite movie or TV star
  • Sexy Superhero or Villain
  • Indulge in kink, latex, bondage or leather cosplay
  • Video game characters
  • Anything you can imagine – there are no restrictions on what you can dress as

By the way, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get selected for a heat – anyone who enters the competition online will be given a complimentary ticket to the show, as long as you turn up in costume!

So. If you’re planning on going to SEXPO and rockin’ out in a little grown-up dress-up, let us know! I’d ask you to send us a picture, but… let’s pass on that one for now, okay?

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