Warren Spector to lead development of System Shock 3

In what could be arguably the greatest 90s related announcement since Netlix’s Fuller HouseSystem Shock 3 developer OtherSide Entertainment has offically announced Warren Spector is joining the team.


Did you think I’d forgotten you, insect?

Did you think I’d forgotten you, insect?


Spector is the kind of figure in the gaming industry that needs no introduction, but here’s one anyway. Spector’s roles and credits include producer, designer, and director for iconic games such as the original System Shock, Deus Ex, Disney Epic Mickey and the Ultima series.

Currently employed at UT Austin as the head of Denuis-Sam Gaming Academy’s post-baccalaureate program; Spector has been consulting with OtherSide since the projects genesis as a creative adviser. Once the current semester at UT Austin ends, Spector will transition into the role of one of the studio’s directors.

A teaser site for the latest installment to the System Shock franchise was launched in December, and hasn’t revealed much more than what appears to be SHODAN and and a threatening message .

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