An Unreal 4 fan remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is in the works

A small group of developers is undertaking a monumental task and attempting to remake Bioware’s classic Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in Unreal Engine 4.


Project Apeiron

Project Apeiron


The Star Wars epic first released in 2003 is, in the most diplomatic way possible, looking rather dated. With the core gameplay, mechanics and narrative still being as stellar as the day it dropped, all the property would need to reach a whole new generation is a decent graphical overhaul.

Enter project Apeiron, a group effort by a small team called Poem Studios, to breath life back in the franchise and, hopefully, work as a pitch to reboot the series.

Other than the major visual overhaul, the team also plans to add new content, with the help of some Star Wars consultants.


Project Apeiron

Project Apeiron


The team wishes to release the endeavor for free, with the lack of direct funding seeing the team keen for volunteer help; as seen on the official site.

The legality of the remake is somewhat dubious, with the site FAQ indicating that it was not sanctioned by Disney or EA. Hopefully the lack of intended profit will keep them safe from the I.P owners lawyers.

Regardless, this is a space to watch.


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