Score Sega classics Jet Set Radio and Golden Axe for FREE on Steam

Sega is currently giving away free games on Steam, including one of the best games to ever grace the Dreamcast. For a limited time, Steam users can score Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe and the complete Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit collection for absolutely nothing.





To download the games, just visit one of the Steam store listings for a game that’s in this bundle. Just by choosing to install one of the free games, Steam will add all five of them to your Steam library.

This promotion is part of Sega’s current Make War Not Love 3 event. This event centres around the publisher’s war-themed games — Company of Heroes 2, Total War Attila or Dawn of War 2— with players “choosing a side” and winning online matches within their chosen game to unlock special discounts on other Sega releases.

The event will run until February 20, with the three war-themed games involved receiving 75% discounts until this date.

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