Dark Souls 3 on Xbox One comes with bonus backwards compatible original game

In what appears to be a emerging trend, Microsoft is offering players who purchase a digital copy of Dark Souls 3 a bonus backwards compatible copy of the original Dark Souls for Xbox One.


Iron Golem all up in yo' business!

Iron Golem all up in yo’ business!


We can again thank the the Australian Xbox Store for revealing this bonus for those getting Dark Souls 3 for Xbox One; as Bandai Namco has yet to officially announce this deal or the earlier reported season pass details.

In the same vein as the other backwards compatibility promotions Microsoft has run, it’ll be a limited-time offer, with the bonus game being delivered via a code 7-10 days after purchase.


Jolly Co-operation!

Jolly Co-operation!


Hopefully this means Dark Souls will soon be backwards compatible on the Xbox One regardless of whether you purchase the newest iteration of FromSoft’s wonderfully brutal series.

Dark Souls 3 releases April 12 on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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