Can you beat Dark Souls without taking a hit? This guy can.

History has been made and tears have been shed, as one Dark Souls player on Twitch has accomplished what many though was a myth: finish the game without taking a hit.





Yesterday, streamer The_Happy_Hobbit, who is very well acquainted with FromSoftware’s masterpiece, – as noted by the numerous Dark Souls playthroughs on his Twitch channel- broadcast his impressive no-hit run through the game.

The feat took in total 8 hours, with the streamer restarting the game if he ever took one iota of hit damage. The only damage he deemed to not break this rule was “fall damage, and damage done through story events.”

The_Happy_Hobbit referred to his playthough as “world record-setting;” and claims to be the first person on record to finish the game untouched. In what appears to be a gesture of insanity or possibly to prove it wasn’t just luck, he plans to broadcast a second no-hit run.

If that gets your Dark Souls juices flowing, prepare for the release of Dark Souls 3 April 12.


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