A datamining of DOOM shows new weapons, enemies and random boss fights

It should go without saying but if you release an alpha nowadays, prepare to have it datamined to all hell. DOOM is no exception to this rule, with it’s code being combed through to reveal a few neat details.


Say hello to my boomstick!

Say hello to my boomstick!


Firstly, the bad guys. Much to fan delight there will be plenty of returning grotesque faces. This image post reveals all enemy types so far, including those we’ve already seen and a few surprises, such as the return of the Spider Mastermind and variations on the Cyber Demon.

Now, the weapons.DoomWorld poster Mr Dope has been busy compiling information from the alpha, including creating some wicked high quality webm videos of the tools you’re going to be using to dispatch the hordes from hell. Here we have the iconic chainsaw, the assault rifle, the plasma rifle and my favy fave, the chaingun!

Also, as a final tid-bit, it has been noted that there appears to be a command in the games code that indicates that there will be random boss encounters within the campaign mode.

Finally, a second show down with Pinky. I’ve only waited 12 years for this!

DOOM is slated for a May 13 release on Xbox One, Windows PC and PS4.

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