Cyanide & Happiness launch a Kickstarter for a table top card game, easily smashes goal

The creators of Cyanide & Happiness launched a Kickstarter for a tabletop card game based on their infamous web comic Tuesday, and just as you’d expect it took off something fierce.


Cyanide & Happiness' Joking Hazard

Cyanide & Happiness’ Joking Hazard


In just over 72 hours, the crowdfunding campaign has rocketed over $670,000 in total funding (the original goal was $10,000) and if it keeps going at this rate it is expected to eclipse $5.8 million.

The concept of the game is nothing revolutionary and is rather reminiscent of Cards Against Humanity,  but that is by no means a bad thing at all. Players reveal a single cartoon panel from a deck in the middle of the table. One player, designated as the judge for that round, places a second panel. Players take turns playing panels from their own hand, with the judge selecting their favorite who is awarded a point.



The table top game is based of the Cyanide & Happiness Random Comic Generator app, which the creators claim can result in 20 million comic combinations. The card game, named Joking Hazard, touts only slightly less; with the 250 cards in the deck amounting to 15.4 million combinations.

Following in the steps of the massively successful Kickstarter for Exploding Kittens, The Oatmeal’s popular cartoon cross table top endeavor, Joking Hazard’s campaign also features stretch goals tied to social media stunts instead of cash tiers. This approach is genius for a property with this much reach, as each social media stunt only increases the exposure of the project to more potential backers.


Joking Hazard's stretch goals

Joking Hazard’s stretch goals


So far, the only social media stretch goal to be completed was for 200 Cyanide & Happiness haiku’s to be written, with others including someone getting a card tattooed on their body and 50 pictures of people wearing homemade Cyanide & Happiness shirts.

The Kickstarter lists a delivery date of November of this year for the game. Definitely watch this space.

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