Deadpool sequel has already been greenlit by Fox

Fox is not messing around. The executives at Fox believe they have a bonafide mega smash on their hands with the Deadpool movie, with early reviews backing up that position, and have wasted no time green-lighting a sequel.


Deadpool knows what you want

Deadpool knows what you want


According to the Hollwood Reporter, the original writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have already begun work on a follow up script, with director Tim Miller expected to return.

As of time of writing, Tim Miller has not signed on to direct  the sequel, but Fox is adamant to keep the creative team behind the original together.

This move should come as no surprise, as Deadpool is tracking to open to at least $65 million over the upcoming U.S four-day holiday weekend, with some estimates going over $70 million.

Deadpool hits cinemas today in Australia.


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