McFarlane Toys to make Titanfall 2 action figures

McFarlane Toys has announced another video game property will be getting its action figure debut, according to an official announcement.


He wants his figure now!

He wants his figure now!


McFarlane Toys is partnering with Respawn Entertainment to release a line of action figures based on Titanfall 2, which are slated for a “winter 2016” release.

Todd McFarlane, owner and CEO of McFarlane Toys, has detailed that the Titanfall 2 toys will stand seven inches tall and feature “the same meticulous level of detail that McFarlane has become known for over the last two decades.”

This is a perfect fit. McFarlane [Toys] was created so I could make cool stuff just like this. Without saying too much about the new game… You’re not going to believe where we can take this.

The other big announcement to come from the toy giant this week was a partnership with Scottgames, the developer behind fan favorite Five Nights At Freddy’s, to make toy sets based on the horror franchise.

Publisher Electronic Arts recently revealed that Titanfall 2 as a multi-platform endeavor that will have a robust single player campaign. Developer Respawn are also working on a tie in television series and mobile spin-off games.

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