Pokémon’s newest legendary is a man-made metal doll called Magiana

Thanks to Japanese magazine CoroCoro, we now know that the 722 entry in the PokeDex will be: Magiana.


The newest legendary: Magiana

The newest legendary: Magiana


The franchise’s next legendary, as seen in the scans uploaded and (thankfully) translated by the Serebii fansite, appears to be something Ash just can’t get enough of.

Not much is known about the kind of creepy looking metallic doll, other than that the Pokémon is classified as “man-made,” and was deliberately created by humans. Also according to CoroCoro, it’s over 500 years old but you wouldn’t know, right?!

Magiana is set to make its first appearance in the next Pokémon movie; which Serebii has graciously translated to Pokémon the Movie: X Y & Z — Volcanion and the Exquisite Mechanical Magiana. The new flick is slated to hit Japanese theaters in July.

Unlike other legendary’s, Magiana’s data has not been found on any current Pokemon games. Whether this means it will be made available via a special event to tie in with the movie is yet to be confirmed.


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