Final Fantasy 9 out on mobile, PC coming “early 2016”

Square Enix has released Final Fantasy 9 on mobile devices.


Final Fantasy 9

Final Fantasy 9


The third in the original PlayStation classics is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store for $16.99 (USD). Currently it is 20% off, with the discount running until  February 21.

The mobile version of FF9 offers some new features, like high-speed and no encounter modes. It will also have more modern twists, like autosaving and achievements. The visuals, although updated for the hardware, appear almost indistiguishable from the original game’s; unlike the recent Final Fantasy 6 mobile port.

Late last year, Square Enix announced that FF9 would be coming to both mobile devices and Windows PC. The PC release is still on the horizon, expecting to launch “early 2016”, according to its Steam listing. The same steam page states that Final Fantasy 9 for PC will also include many of the new features available in the mobile versions.

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