Kickstarter horror game Visage is P.T. and Amnesia rolled into one

With the death of Konami’s greatly anticipated Silent Hills and the removal of its amazing teaser P.T, a few games have clambered to fill the void left behind.



The closet spiritual successor to date was Lilith Studio’s Allison Road; which ended up cancelling it’s Kickstarter campaign early due to a publisher deal. And now we have a new contender vying for our attention and frayed nerves.

Visage, which also recently started a Kickstarter campaign, is heavily inspired by a number of horror influences, including Silent Hill, P.T, Phantasmagoria and Amnesia.


Seems familiar, huh?

Seems familiar, huh?


The small team has released 12 minutes of rather impressive looking alpha gameplay as part of the crowd funding campaign, which sees the player exploring a normal looking yet sinister feeling suburban home with a dark past.

The team cites immersive gameplay mechanics to go hand-in-hand with the realistic environments, including intensive environment interaction (think Gone Home) and a stress system.


Home is where the heart is the fridge

Home is where the heart is…so is the fridge


The Canadian developers funding goal was set at $35,000 (CAD) but they eclipsed that earlier today. With stretch goals including a console release and VR functionality, we’ll just have to keep tabs on the project over the remaing 32 days of the campaign.

Visage currently (at time of writing) has 1121 backers and has raised $38,027 (CAD). The game is projected to release in January 2017.


Boiler rooms. Guaranteed creepy.

Boiler rooms. Guaranteed creepy.

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