Pillars of Eternity 3.0 update, includes Story Time mode and balances

One of my favorite RPGs of last year- actually, all time- Pillars of Eternity is getting a big ol’ update this month to coincide with its second expansion, The White March – Part 2.

Damn, digital D&D feels good!

Damn, digital D&D feels good!

The update includes a revised and streamlined combat UI, updates to the in-game Stronghold and associated quests; and segments of the game world and end game.

A new difficulty mode, dubbed “Story Time”, will also be added. This mode is to allow those who aren’t as proficient in the combat side of the game to just enjoy the narrative.



Other tweaks have been added to make the game more resemble its tabletop influence,  including knockout injuries that will add a extra level of strategy to encounters.

The update will roll out for free on February 16, alongside the second expansion The White March – Part 2.

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