Rampage movie gets new writer: Still has giant monsters & The Rock kicking the shit through a city

Firstly, you read that right. They’re making a big screen adaption of an 80s Midway arcade game about giant monsters rock-bottoming a city. Secondly, Rock “The Dwayne” Johnson will star in it, so needless to say my ass is already in that seat.


Midway's Rampage

Midway’s Rampage


This is not new news though. What’s new is that Colony co-creators Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal have been tasked with rewriting the film’s script, according to a report from Variety.

Cuse is best known for his work on Lost, on which he was showrunner and frequent co-writer. His other television writing credits includes Nash Bridges, The Strain and Colony, which is currently in its first season on the USA Network. Cuse also wrote the screenplay for San Andreas, a wonderfully terrible movie which also stared The Rock; so as stated above, my ass was there. Cuse’s co-writer, Condal, also wrote another Rock centric action jaunt, 2014’s Hercules.


The Rock smells what this studio is cookin’!


The directors seat is currently being warmed by Brad Peyton, who directed San Andreas…wait. I see a pattern emerging.

Rampage is being developed for New Line Cinema, with the project having been in the works since 2011. Warner Bros. (who happen to own New Line) acquired the I.P when Midway went bankrupt in 2009.

Giant monsters, an equally giant man and a city for the wreaking? Grab a six pack and get ready for a good time!

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