Ex-Blizzard staff launch pre-production Kickstarter for action horror game

Several former Blizzard staff members have teamed up with Kollide Entertainment to launch a Kickstarter for an episodic action horror game called Broken.


Broken concept art

Broken concept art


Broken is a third person action game with a familiar apocalyptic narrative:

[Broken] follows the personal adventure of Logan Kyle, a Navy Seal, and his family as they experience the end of the world on the front lines of an extremist group’s catastrophic global biological weapon attack, resulting in death and a rare, but most horrific mutation.

The team have stated that the project was inspired by games like The Last of Us, Half-life and The Walking Dead, but have assured backers that Broken will be something wholly unique.

Broken will put narrative centre stage and will be removing ingrained genre cliches like “repetitive puzzle-based level design, arbitrary collection artifacts, obscenely difficult enemy spawn encounters and superfluous achievements”.



The goal is something of an abnormality for a game on Kickstarter, as Kollide Entertainment are asking for funding to aid solely in pre-production of the project, after which they will seek external funding. This positions the Kickstarter as one less targeted at ‘gamers’- due to its lack of any access to a game- and more at people that want to help the vision reach fruition.

The Kickstarter nowhere promises that a successful campaign will result in a finished game, with Kollide Entertainment being up front with their intent.

The Kickstarter is refreshingly transparent, with a detailed breakdown of how the money will be spent and on what.

If this sounds like something that interests you, check out the campaign here.


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