Final Fantasy XV site code mentions possible PC version

If the site code is any indication, Final Fantasy XV might also be coming to Windows PC.


Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV


Publisher Square Enix has so far only announced the 15th installment of their long running franchise for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but references in an official website may beg to differ. According to JavaScript code found on the website for the upcoming Final Fantasy Uncovered event, the game is also coming to PC.

The site code was discovered by NeoGAF user KupoNut, but has since been removed. KupoNut managed to grab a screenshot before the alteration was made, which makes references to PC and Windows 10 SKUs.


final fantasy code

final fantasy code 2


Before PC players rejoice to much, it’s worth noting that this code is almost identical to that found on the Rise of the Tomb Raider page. It’s not to much of a stretch to think that Square Enix could have just copied it to save time, despite not planning to actually release a PC version.

Expect more to be revealed at the Final Fantasy Uncovered event, which is slated for March 30.

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