Barbie’s career of the year 2016- a game developer

Toy manufacturer Mattel are, for the first time in decades, mixing things the fuck up by unveiling a major revamp of its Barbie doll line that will hit shelves this year.


Barbie's got anew career of the year

Barbie’s got anew career of the year


What does this have to do with games? Well, one of Barbie’s new careers- and Mattel’s highlighted ‘Career of the Year’- is a videogame developer.

Donning the preferred garb of many a developer- jeans and a comfy hoody-, Game Developer Barbie also comes with a fancy standing desk and laptop.

These dolls are part of the new ‘Evolution’ series, meant as a celebration of the highlighted professions, with a particular interest in reminding girls that they “can be anything.”


My god. She can be anything she wants!

My god. She can be anything she wants!


You Can Be Anything” is in fact the slogan for the new ‘Evolution’ Barbies. Not only does the plastic pop culture icon have a selection of diverse new careers this year, but Mattel is also unveiling Barbies that don’t exclusively have the unachievable and fictitious body she is renown for. The new Barbies will feature 3 body types- curvy, tall and petite- and feature more diversity as a whole.

Although not directly connected to the games industry, this can only do wonders for normalizing computer science and games development to young girls; and in turn help break the ingrained social stigma that it is a domain exclusively for boys.



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