Nerfs hit some of Star Wars: Battlefront’s most unbalanced weapons

A few weapons in Star Wars: Battlefront are getting some much needed nerfs, specifically the ridiculously overpowered DL-44 and The Homing Shot.


Nerf herding is the name of the game.

Nerf herding is the name of the game.


The DL-44 has been the bane of many players since launch. Locked behind a level 25 barrier to normal players, folks that pre-ordered had it available from day one and this messed with the balancing something fierce. The pistol that easily takes players down in 2 shots has now had its fire rate reduced to 180 from 250 and had its overheating “tweaked.”

The Homing Shot, a Star Card perk that unlocks at rank 11, has also been made less OP. Lock-on time has now been tripled to 1.5 seconds, up from the ridiculous 0.4. The lock-on distance has also been reduced by 10 meters and the speed of the missile has been reduced, too.

These two weapons aren’t the only elements to receive re-balancing, with DICE also focusing on heroes and special vehicles too.

Boba Fett has taken a hit to his legendary status, with his missiles no longer locking on and his main weapon damage and and range being reduced. The wristlauncher’s damage radius and damage amount also has been reduced.


The DL-44 can no longer do this!

The DL-44 can no longer do this!


And from bounty hunters to smugglers, Han Solo has also been put in the firing line, with his signature pistol having its damage and effective range reduced, too.

As for special vehicles, the Millennium Falcon and Slave I have had their ship health reduced, which in turn has removed ship-ramming as a viable kill option.

In turn to the nerfing, other weapons and abilities have gotten some buffs, in order to make the gameplay more varied. You can view the full list of changes in the recent patch here.

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