Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break rated for PC, since redacted.

The Brazilian Advisory Rating Board had rated Quantum Break for PC, in addition to Xbox One, before redacting the PC rating earlier this morning.


Quantum Break

Quantum Break


Quantum Break, an Xbox One exclusive from the developer of Max Payne and Alan Wake, has never officially been announced for PC.

The rating page (which has since been removed) revealed drugs, “improper language”, and violence as some of the game’s themes. Both the PC version and the Xbox One version were listed on the same day, but few other details were made available.


Quantum Break's Brazilian rating on Xbox One and PC

Quantum Break’s Brazilian rating on Xbox One and PC


Remedy’s previous titles, including the Xbox 360 exclusive Alan Wake, found their way onto Windows PC eventually, so this ‘error’ doesn’t seem overly implausible. This ‘error’ would also coincide with Microsoft re-establishing support for gaming on the Windows platform, with the upcoming releases of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and Killer Instinct.

Microsoft or the games developer Remedy have made no comment addressing this, as of time of writing.

Quantum Break is still set to release April 6 as an Xbox One exclusive.

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