Hero’s Song from Ex-SOE CEO John Smedley now on Kickstarter

Pixelmage Games is the new company founded by former Sony Online Entertainment boss John Smedley and, like so many other new startups, they’ve taken to Kickstarter to raise some funds for further development of their first game, Hero’s Song.

An “open world, rogue-like fantasy sandbox” you can play by yourself or with hundreds of your friends online. Touting a deep world building system via procedural generation that creates a unique world history, landscape and civilisations. The AI will war amongst itself and the history of the world to date can affect your own character, with family traits that have been passed down from your ancestors and treasures of a bygone era waiting to be discovered.

Hero’s Song is promising a hardcore action RPG experience and the possibility of ascending to godhood if you’re good enough. Friendly fire is always on by default and the consequences can be devastating, with a permadeath system in place. That scares me a little and there’ll probably be an easy-mode, no friendly-fire, no-permadeath server running on my local network. Just sayin’.

Smed recently hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit where people were invited to ask for specifics (we even asked about what was happening below ground!)

The Kickstarter campaign is aiming for a relatively modest $800,000 and it’s been confirmed via the Reddit AMA that there is an investor behind the scenes who has already put one million dollars into it, with an assurance of further funding if the Kickstarter does not reach its goal. So the game will get made regardless, this is more a demonstration of interest in seeing it done.

So if you want to see it done and aren’t entirely burned out on the Kickstarter concept, check it out!

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