Street Fighter V beta datamine reveals new alternate costumes

Capcom released a new update for the ongoing Street Fighter V beta which happened to contain a bunch of alternative costumes for it’s eclectic roster of fighters.


Zangief is coming for ya!

Zangief is coming for ya!


You won’t find these costumes in any easily accessible menu though, with crafty Street Fighter V players having to datamine them from the beta files, and with some techno-wizardry got them working in game.

The Street Fighter V characters to get fancy new duds, include Bison, Cammy, Laura, Rainbow Mika, Rashid and Zangief. You can check out the costumes in the video below.

Reddit user rkappasvoice has also uploaded a gallery on Imgur detailing the alternative costumes for Birdie, Cammy and Karin.

And for those of you in a private place that’s judgement free, another user has uploaded a high-res gallery of the somewhat controversial costume for Laura.

Sony has also announced that they will offer a Street Fightter V 1TB PlayStation 4 bundle.

Street Fighter V PS4 bundle

Street Fighter V PS4 bundle

According to Sony, the console bundle will launch on February 16, to coincide with the release of the game.

Street Fighter V will also release on Windows PC and will feature PS4 cross-play.

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