Fire Emblem: Fates to have “drugging/gay conversion” scene removed from Western release

Censorship and localization edits are not a new affair when it comes to Japanese games seeking a Western release.  Most are harmless and originate from cultural differences, however some are rather warranted, case and point: a scene involving “drugging and gay conversion” in the newest installment of Nintendo’s long running RPG franchise, Fire Emblem.


Fire Emblem: Fates

Fire Emblem: Fates


Reportedly, one of the female characters is nervous around pretty girls, so another male character slips a magic powder into her drink that alters her perception so that she see’s everyone as the opposite gender.  She then falls in love with the female version of the character who gave her the potion, and after the powders effect wears off marries him.

Many have voiced concern about the scene, with some uncomfortable with the concept of spiking someone’s drink with a perception-altering substance without their knowledge or consent, and others reading it as an allegory for gay conversion therapy.

Nintendo of America responded to these concerns in a statement to Nintendo World Report:

In the version of the game that ships in the U.S. and Europe, there is no expression which might be considered as gay conversion or drugging that occurs between characters.

Fire Emblem: Fates releases for Nintendo 3DS on February 19 in the U.S.

A limited edition Fire Emblem: Fates themed 3DS XL handheld will be released in tandem with the game launch.

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