Far Cry Primal trailer introduces new protagonist, Takkar

Far Cry Primal casts aside the angst ridden, spoiled teens we’ve become accustomed to in its latest installments, and hurls us back in time to the Stone Age with one mission: to bring our tribe back from the brink of extinction.



In the newest trailer released by publisher Ubisoft we are introduced to Takkar, the protagonist of Far Cry Primal. Takkar is a member of the Wenja, one of the few tribes that inhabit the games land of Oros. Well, it’s about to become one tribe fewer, as the Wenja are skirting the precipice of extinction, following an attack by their superior rival, the Udam tribe.

Like a cave boss, Takkar sets out to become a beast master rivaling Marvel’s Kazar, enlisting the help of saber-toothed cats and mammoths, as he attempts to keep his people alive and unite them in defense against the Udam and Izila tribes.

I’m going to make no attempt to hide my excitement over this next part, Ubisoft also released a behind-the-scenes video focusing on the characters and languages in Far Cry Primal. Yeah, I’m a linguistics nerd, what of it!



The video features two language professors from the University of Kentucky whom worked with Ubisoft Montreal to create a more primitive version of the Proto-Indo-European language to feature in the game. Crash course: Proto-Indo-European is the linguistic linchpin for some dead languages, including Latin and Sanskrit, as well as many languages that are spoken today, like English and Russian.

In Far Cry Primal, our hero tribe, the Wenja, and the enemy, the Udam, speak what the professors call “Proto-Proto-Indo-European,” while the Izila- a more advanced tribe- speak, unsurprisingly, more advanced version of the fiction language.

Far Cry Primal is slated for a February 23 release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and March 1 on Windows PC.

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