You’ll be able to fight like Mike Tyson in EA Sports UFC 2

He might never have set foot in the real-world Octagon, but Mike Tyson is making his mixed martial arts debut in the upcoming release of EA Sports UFC 2. The controversial boxer is an unlockable character – unless you want to pre-order, in which case you’ll get it the moment you boot up the game.

Brian Hayes, Creative Director on UFC 2 describes the inclusion as “one of those great ‘what ifs’.”

When you think about the most devastating fighters of all time, Mike Tyson is either around, or at the top of everyone’s list. It’s fun to think that if MMA was as popular back when he was competing as it is today, you might have seen Tyson put on four ounce gloves and step into the Octagon.

The former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the world seems an appropriate reward for making it to the Hall of Fame in Career Mode – he boasts the strongest punching power of any fighter in the game, and can fight in two different weight classes (both light heavyweight and heavyweight).

If you want to get your Tyson on, you’ve got a couple of choices: “Iron” Mike Tyson is based on the star of the 1980s, his climb to stardom and his invincible fighting record. “Legacy” Mike Tyson, on the other hand, was “developed with the end of his illustrious career in mind”.

Pre-ordering the standard edition of UFC2 will give you day one access to “Iron” Mike – if you want “Legacy” Mike as well, you’ll need to pick up the Deluxe Edition. Both versions are – of course – unlockable through playing the game.

EA Sports UFC 2 features some killer character likenesses and animation, alongside an all-new Knockout Physics System and the biggest ever roster of real-world fighters. The game launches for Xbox One and PS4 from March 16.

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