Snowfall: New Cities Skyline expansion looks really, really cool

It’s currently a toasty warm 35 degrees Celsius here at Player Attack HQ (that’s around 95 Fahrenheit), but we’re keeping cool with some help from Paradox Interactive. The publisher has just announced the next expansion for Cities: Skylines – and it’s deliciously winter-themed.

Titled “Snowfall”, the expansion is hitting Windows, Mac and Linux PCs “later this year”, and brings a stack of much-wanted additions. As well as the obvious in-game weather system (which brings sun as well as snow and showers), there are also new transportation options and new in-game tools to keep you on your toes.

In Snowfall, the difficulty heats up when the city cools down, thanks to a new in-game temperature reading that will have residents bundling up for warmth when the weather outside is frightful.

Cosmetic weather – including rain and fog – will be added to all copies of Cities: Skylines, whether or not you buy the expansion. If you do grab Snowfall, residents will act differently based on the in-game temperature, making it more than an aesthetic difference.

Snowfall will include:

  • Now is the Winter of This Content: Rain and fog for existing maps, plus a new “Winter” map theme with snow and all of its challenges
  • The Streetcars You Desire: Expanded public transportation options, including easier management of existing lines – and Trams, a new system demanded by fans
  • World Warmth, Too: Cold weather increases demands for electricity, unless new water-based heat systems are in place
  • Plowers to the People: Build a snowplow depot to keep traffic flowing during winter weather, and employ new road maintenance systems to keep your streets in shape
  • New Chirps: #yeahthereare

It’s not all bad news, though: There are some beautiful new winter parks and landmarks on offer as well!

We don’t have a date yet for Snowfall’s debut on Cities: Skylines, but we’re hoping it’s not too far away – we’re melting over here!

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