Mod lets you write and run BASIC programming in Minecraft

One of the wonders of Minecraft is that if you’re imaginative and persistent enough, there’s almost nothing that you can’t create using the games seemingly simplistic mechanics. From monoliths of construction mirroring real world structures to marvels of engineering that create complex mine cart music boxes, users have made some insane creations.



Modder SethBling has added a whole new level to Minecraft creations, by constructing a working BASIC interpreter.

The interpreter works by using an extremely large number of hand-written command blocks. Using an on-screen keyboard, all you do is type in the program- which appears as banners on a massive whiteboard- hit “Run Script” via a custom menu and watch the block-laden computational magic go to work!

If this kind of fusion between game and programming jives with you, you can grab the mod for free from SethBling’s website.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I must get back to playing with my crayons and continue being baffled by computers…

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