Ready Player One looking for actors to enter the OASIS

Ernest Cline has posted a public casting call for three key roles in the upcoming film adaptation of his novel Ready Player One, due in cinemas December 2017. If you want to play protagonist Wade, or his friends Daito or Shoto, we’ve got all the details.

Ready Player One envisioned by Gordon Jones

Ready Player One envisioned by Gordon Jones

Reflecting the cyberpunky nature of the book, it’s only natural that the casting process should be held online. The domain has been set up, inviting actors to submit their own auditions.

The three roles are quite specific in their requirements (except for that bit where Wade should be either overweight or underweight), and it looks like the production is looking for actors from the US or UK. That said, if you live outside these areas and believe you are the perfect person, it could be worth applying anyway…?

Here’s the details:

WADE WATTS: 18-19 yrs old, male, clean cut with a sense of humor, overweight or underweight. A sincere and passionate player in the Oasis. Not the most confident guy outside the Oasis, but Wade gains boldness & nerve as his worlds collide. He uses his skills & the support of his friends to rise above each challenge.

SHOTO: 10-13 yrs old, male, to play Chinese, hip & knowing for his age. He speaks MANDARIN AND English FLUENTLY. Wade’s friend in the Oasis who joins with him to complete the competition. Please note: Actor should be bilingual: Mandarin and English (Applications must be submitted by parent or legal guardian if applicant is under 18 years of age).

DAITO: 20 yrs old, male, to play Japanese. Speaks JAPANESE AND English FLUENTLY. One of Wade’s friends in the Oasis who joins with him to complete the competition. Please note: Actor should be bilingual: Japanese and English.

I loved the book and am disturbingly optimistic about how well it could translate to film. I’m particularly pleased with the idea that Cline and colleagues might find a relative unknown to play Wade Watts (early reports suggested that Jurassic World actor Nick Robinson was pegged for the role).

It is interesting, however, that the casting page is only calling for the three boys. Olivia Cooke has already been named as Art3mis/Samantha Cook, leaving Aech/Helen Harris a mystery. The only other casting rumour that’s surfaced to date focusses on Nolan Sorrento, the book’s bad guy – and I am delighted to report that – as of last week – Aussie Ben Mendelsohn has been linked to that role. Hooray!

Again – if you’d like to try your hand at these roles, and be one of the few people invited to set foot in the OASIS, visit and follow the instructions! Good luck!

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