Half-Life gets official new entry to series, but it’s not Half-Life 3

On February 11th a new story set in the Half-Life universe will release via Steam. However it will not be Half-Life 3 like most of the internet has been screaming for since 2007; instead, it’s a sequel to Gearbox’s Half-Life: Opposing Force.

Titled Half-Life: Prospekt, it was created by 25 year old lone wolf Richard Seabrook after quitting his job as a QA tester and starting his own development studio. An early cut of the game was sent to Valve in a stylised briefcase back in mid-2015 but no reply was initially given. After it was taken to Steam Greenlight and gained popularity, Valve took notice and gave their blessing to go forward, even considering it canon. Half-Life: Prospekt will run between 2-4 hours (similar to Half-Life 2: Episode 1 and 2) and is a standalone download, meaning it will not require a previous version of a Half-Life game to run.

From the Steam Greenlight page: “I can’t thank you all enough for voting this through on Greenlight and helping me get to this stage,” wrote Seabrook. “Without you all I really wouldn’t be writing this out today. Also, a massive thanks to Valve for their support.”

The game will be set in the Combine prison Nova Prospekt originally depicted in Half-Life 2. It returns Adrian Shepherd from Opposing Force back into action, after the vortigaunts summon him in aiding an unknowing Gordon Freeman to escape being overrun by Combine. It will feature 13 new levels including a return to Xen, with “substantial graphical updates over the original game” such as new textures, models, music, voice acting and updated lighting.

Half-Life: Prospekt will release for US$9.99, however up until then pre-ordering is discounted to US$8.99. No details on a Linux/Mac version of the game have been given thus far.

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