Physical Hitman Collector’s Edition for consoles out in late 2016, no disc included

The new Hitman from Square Enix and IO interactive is set to have a collectors edition release late 2016, according to a listing on Amazon.


Hitman Collectors Edition

Hitman Collectors Edition


The date for the collectors edition coincides with the previously reported release window of the physical disc release of Agent 47’s new episodic outing. The collectors edition is also listed on the North American Square Enix Store, along with the standard edition.

The collectors edition will set you back $139.99 (USD) and contain:

  • Hitman Game and Collector’s Box
  • Agent 47 10″ Chessmaster Statue
  • Wearable Tie & Clip Set
  • Hardcover art book with 60 pages
  • Digital Game Download

If you’re savvy, you will notice that the collectors edition doesn’t actually contain a physical disc copy of the game, instead featuring a digital download code.

IO Interactive also announced the standard physical edition would be released at the end of 2016 for $60 (USD), which is the same price as the full digital game.

If all this talk of an episodic release structure is throwing you, it’s because Square Enix and IO Interactive announced they had changed their plans for Hitman’s release; with the game now set to be “a truly episodic AAA game experience, with a major live component.”



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