Netflix to shut down proxy and ‘unblocker’ services

If you’re like myself, then you’ve become quite acquainted with proxy services and Chrome extensions to ‘unblock’ the regional restrictions of popular streaming giant Netflix. Turns out, our days of cheekily circumventing their systems are numbered.


The greatest thing since digital sliced bread

The greatest thing since digital sliced bread


The streaming service announced today that after being aware that subscribers had been doing this for months, it was finally ready to take action and shut the ‘unblocking’ methods down.

In a press release sent out Thursday, Netflix’s vice president of content delivery architecture, David Fullagar, said that the company plans to eventually remove geographic restriction altogether, but that that wasn’t possible as of the moment.

Fullagar continued that the programmers at Netflix have developed, and are implementing, new technology that will detect and disable proxies and Chrome extensions being used by their subscribers.

Fullagar stated that subscribers would start to notice the proxies and “unblockers” stop working in the next couple of weeks.


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