Duke Nukem voice actor turns down doing ad for leading GOP candidate

Voice actor Jon St. John, best known for bringing the likes of Duke Nukem to life, revealed via Facebook that he has turned down an offer to do the voice-over in a campaign ad for a leading GOP presidential candidate.


Jon St. John

Jon St. John looking pissed


St. John didn’t mention whom the ad was for, telling The Verge it was for “a leading GOP candidate for president” and that “it might have been Trump or [Ted] Cruz.”

Unlike the character St. John voices- who is a caricature of everything the GOP stand for-, the voice actor seems to have different political persuasions.

I don’t like to turn down jobs…especially when it’s a national ad campaign that pays pretty well. But I have a conscience and could not accept a gig to be the advertising voice of the Republican party’s leading candidate for president. Thanks for the kind offer, but I will sleep just fine at night knowing I made a choice I can live with.

St. John ended the political message with something a little more lighthearted, that he’s working on voice-overs for a new game.

St. John’s  career has seen him voice Duke Nukem since 1996’s Duke Nukem 3D and continued all the way through 2011’s Duke Nukem Forever. St. John’s voice-over resume also includes roles in games such as Guild Wars 2, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Dota 2.

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