Unravel DIY: Make your own Yarny

From the moment we first saw Unravel revealed at E3 2015, many of us have been throwing money at our screens, trying to buy the game’s mascot, Yarny. EA, in a surprising move, has announced it has no plans to sell the little red woollen doll… and today, in an even more surprising move, has published instructions on how to make your very own.

That’s Martin Sahlin, Creative Director on Unravel (and generally a wonderful human being), showing how to use some simple bits and pieces to make Yarny. You’ll need wire for the skeleton, red yarn for the body (“The bigger and fluffier the better,” says Sahlin), white yarn for the eyes, a paperclip, scissors, pliers, and – importantly – a nice place to work.

You know what works best for you, but for me, nature is the thing. I was out in the woods when I made the first Yarny, so I figured I’d stick with that tradition for this guide. I just followed the river that runs by the Coldwood office until I found a nice, flat surface (in this case, a rock).

Sahlin speaks pretty quickly in the video (and there’s some pesky timelapse footage tucked in there, too), so if you’d like more details, head to the Unravel website for full 12-step instructions, including another important tip: Go on an adventure!

Yarny + a skeleton

Yarny + a skeleton

The original Yarny’s skeleton was made from wire that I peeled off a rusty anchor cable on a boat. It was pretty difficult to work with (and pretty hard to pose), so I made a second Yarny later from better wire. The stuff you want is called armature wire. It’s made for model making, it’s so bendy that you barely need tools to shape it, and you can bend it a thousand times without breaking it. You could order it online, or get it from an art supply store.

Once you’ve made your Yarny, Martin and the team at Coldwood Interactive want to see where your adventures take you! Post pictures to @Unravel_Game on Twitter, and use geo-tagging so everyone can see where Yarny’s ended up.

Unravel hits PC, PS4 and Xbox One as a digital download from February 9.

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