Can you beat Bloodborne without dodging? Yes, apparently.

Now, I like to think of myself as a fairly competent veteran of the Souls games- having played through with builds that have no place ever being viable- but beating Bloodborne without dodging or rolling!? Fuck that! And I’d call you a bold faced liar for saying it was possible…if I hadn’t seen the proof myself.


Dodging's for losers! I say as I'm cut down...

Dodging’s for losers! I say as I’m cut down…


Now, for the uninitiated, the Souls games are hard. I’m talking ‘delicately-putting-the-controller-down-to-scream-into-a-pillow’ hard. One of your best defenses to staving off death in games from the Souls series has and will remain dodging, as it grants you brief invincibility for a few animation frames. Hell, in Bloodborne it’s pretty much your only defense, as shields aren’t an option!

So, removing this vital mechanic from your arsenal makes Bloodborne nigh impossible on the base difficulty. Except “Tolomeo“, the player that pulled off this herculean feat, decided that wouldn’t be impressive enough and did it on New Game +6- which is six times harder!- and with a character that never exceeded level 4.

Tolomeo’s impressive run, which includes almost every boss from the base game and the even more brutal bosses from The Old Hunters DLC, instead utilizes insane zen-like gameplay, focusing on patience, running away and near-perfect reads of the bosses movements and attacks.



According to Tolomeo’s post on the Bloodborne subreddit, beating Ludwig the Accursed alone took him over nine hours. You can watch that fight above, with the whole playlist of fights available here on YouTube.

In a similar vein, Dark Souls 3 will launch worldwide on April 12. Check out the limited collectors editions here…god, how I need one!

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