Homefront: The Revolution coming May 17, Xbox One beta in Feb.

Homefront: The Revolution, the open world follow up to the Red Dawn inspired shooter, will release on May 17 in North America and May 20 in other territories, publisher Deep Silver announced.


You know he means business with that neckerchief!

You know he means business with that neckerchief!


Xbox One owners could get their hands on the game a littler earlier than others, February to be exact,  thanks to the Microsoft console getting an exclusive beta. Deep Silver stated that itself and Microsoft will be running unspecified promotions, aimed at giving players access to the closed, limited beta. Alternatively, Xbox One owner can sign up for a chance to get access on the game’s official website.



With the announcement of a release date, Deep Silver released a new trailer for Homefront: The Revolution, focusing on the Korean People’s Army occupation of Philadelphia. The purpose of the trailer seems to be to highlight the game’s ‘Yellow Zones’.  Deep Silver describes these densely populated areas as “a mix of Orwellian police state and ghetto slum, the People are kept under the heel of oppression through permanent surveillance, 24-hour propaganda, and an ever-constant military presence,” and “where civilians live in constant fear.” Presumably, these zones will be focal points for the narrative and the mechanics of Homefront: The Revolution.

Homefront: The Revolution is being developed by Dambuster Studios, after changing hands from Crytek UK last year.

Homefront: The Revolution will launch on all major platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.



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